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ECK Light and Sound Service

A community event offered by Eckankar for spiritual seekers of all faiths and religious backgrounds. It is an uplifting event where you can reflect on and connect with the divine aspect within yourself. Hear inspiring spiritual stories, experience the HU song, and interact with other like-hearted spiritual seekers.

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Seminars & Workshops

Annual or semi annual events for the public are held during half-day or day long seminars. Techniques, tools and skills learned through use of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK can provide the visitor with a deeper personal relationship with God, a way to receive inner and outer guidance from a true spiritual master, and a way to experience miracles in your everyday life.

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Sound of Soul Event

You are invited to experience the transforming power of HU. HU is a sacred mantra—the Sound behind all sounds. An ancient name for God, HU is a carrier of love between God and Soul. Singing HU can bring healing for body, mind, and spirit, and align Soul with higher states of love, wisdom, and awareness. At a Sound of Soul event, you can join others in chanting this ancient mantra for ten to twenty minutes, followed by a  short time in contemplation. Afterward, enjoy spiritual conversation with others of like heart.

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Advanced Spiritual Living Courses

ECKANKAR offers a unique Advanced Spiritual Study program via membership. You’ll receive The Easy Way Discourses, a powerful twelve-month study plan that unlocks the wisdom inside you. Each month you’ll explore a lesson from the Living ECK Master for your personal study. You can also study with others in an ECK Satsang (spiritual study) class.

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Meetup Events®

Discussion opportunities are available all around Colorado through Meetup® events. Each event will have a central theme that creates lively and heart opening conversations built around questions and personal interest of the attendees. The spiritual laws of life are shared as they relate to the ECK teachings.

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Book Discussions

An ECK book discussion class is a wonderful way to share personal insights and experiences and learn more about the principles of life as found in the ECK writings. Book discussions, led by an experienced class leader, are usually no larger than twelve people and can help you see how Divine Spirit guides you in your life.

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Youth & Family

Created to provide a foundation for the development and spiritual education of youth and families in ECK, young people between the ages of five to seventeen have the opportunity to learn unfoldment, leadership and service to others. Assisted by trained volunteer adults, events and activities are designed with safety, support and education in mind. More information on Colorado Eckankar Youth and Family opportunities.

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