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Climb the Spiritual Mountain

February 8 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Do you want to manifest your spiritual destiny?
Would you like to recognize and work with the divine love all around you?
Do you want to hook up with the sound current and ride it into the heart of God?

If you are looking for true and actual experience with Divine Spirit then this discussion is for you. Here in modern, western culture you can take your next step to God Realization. The love is all around you. Through dreams, past lives, and soul travel you can live your own uniquely designed spiritual quest and climb the spiritual mountain.

“The quest! People have pursued it across the pages of history, yet it has always eluded them. They were looking for a precious treasure out there. But it was hidden in their very own hearts the whole time.”

“The quest is to live a God-Realized life. What is the core of God-Realization if not divine love? So, the quest means learning to give and receive God’s love in an always-increasing measure. One doesn’t have to run around frantically in search of it. God’s love is all around.”
 —Quotes by Harold Klemp from the Spiritual Wisdom Journal referenced below.

Join us for the online discussion where you can choose to share, ask questions or just listen as others share their experience in taking charge of their own destiny as they climb the spiritual mountain. The discussion will be based on participant’s experience and content from the ECKANKAR Spiritual Wisdom Journal titled “Climb the Spiritual Mountain.”

During the discussion you will have the opportunity to listen or chant HU a love song to God. HU is an undirected prayer that can open a link between you and the Holy Spirit. It is not meant to change your current beliefs but to enhance them.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

You may wish to try contemplating on the Spiritual Exercise “The Mountain of God” included in the Spiritual Wisdom Journal titled “Climbing the Spiritual Mountain” In this exercise you will have the opportunity to listen for the Sound of God. This free publication can be viewed or downloaded at:

ECKANKAR Spiritual Wisdom Journal


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