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Turning Points – a Gift of Growth

January 18 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Turning Points – a Gift of Growth

• Do you want to grasp spirit’s personal message for you today?

• Do you wonder how to find the gift hidden in each challenge you face?

• Would you like to discover the turning points in your own life?

Old assumptions make us what we are, and those that hold us back from any sort of success are the hardest to recognize and correct. But it can be done.

A turning point is life’s way of giving you a chance to move ahead spiritually, though you must reach for the gift yourself.
– Quotes above by Harold Klemp, from the Spiritual Wisdom Journal referenced below. Every experience in your life is an opportunity to grow spiritually.


Your own perspective on whether the experience is a stumbling block or a stepping stone is the key. What will you choose? Will you react based on old assumptions or accept spirit’s challenge to shift to a higher perspective today?

One way to make this shift is to open your heart by singing HU. There will be an opportunity to try this spiritual exercise when we gather online.

Join us for the online discussion where you can choose to share your ideas or just listen as others share their journey to recognize and grow from the turning points in their own lives. The discussion will be based on participants experience and content from the ECKANKAR Spiritual Wisdom Journal titled “Turning Points- a Gift of Growth”.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

The Spiritual Wisdom Journal titled, “Turning Points- a Gift of Growth” includes the experiences of people who have discovered the turning points in their own lives and gained new insight into themselves. It also contains a spiritual exercise you are welcome to try. This free publication can be viewed or downloaded at:  Spiritual Wisdom Journal


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