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Online Meetup – Spiritual Discussion:
The Practical Benefits of Dreams

Do you want to find get insight into practical problems by studying your dreams?
Have you ever had a profound dream and wondered what it meant?
Would you like to talk about your dreams with others who explore the divine guidance hidden in dreams?

“An inner experience can give us an insight into our outer experience. The dream becomes like a play with hidden meaning, which gives us a clue about the outcome of our outer life.”

“Keep a record of your dreams. Make a short note about every dream you recall upon awakening. Also be alert during the day for clues about your problem from other people. The Holy Spirit works through them too.”
— Both quotes by Harold Klemp from the ‘ECKANKAR Blog‘ post referenced below

In dreams the creative imagination isn’t limited by the barriers in the physical world. Dreams can nudge you to consider a solution that your practical mind would not even consider. In your dream world you can find clues to overcome health, employment and financial challenges. All people dream and remember dreams to a different degree. Only you can decide to dive into the creative adventure awaiting you in the dream worlds. You can combine the treasure chest of options hidden in your dreams with the experience you gain in your daily life and to find new understanding of the practical problems you face. A dream can nudge you to check into an area of your personal life that needs attention or reassure you that things will work out in times of change.

Join others for a lively discussion of the practical divine guidance discovered in dreams. Hear how others apply a spiritual focus to remember and understanding dreams. All are welcome to share ideas, ask questions or listen while others speak about the practical ways they use dream guidance.

The above description was inspired by the ECKANKAR Blog post ‘Practical Benefits of Dreams‘.

In the post you will find stories of real people who found lessons on healing, business, and finance along with a spiritual exercise on how to heal yourself.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

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