Online Meetup‘The Secrets of Divine Creativity:All Problems Come with Answers’ | Eckankar In ColoradoOnline Meetup‘The Secrets of Divine Creativity:All Problems Come with Answers’ | Eckankar In Colorado

Online Meetup
‘The Secrets of Divine Creativity:
All Problems Come with Answers’

Do You Ever Wonder If There’s A Better Way To Meet The Ups And Downs Of Life?

There Is!

Join us to explore the divine imagination, the creative element within each of us. Your creative element is the God-spark within you. You can tap into your divine imagination to reveal better ways to handle troubling situations. This divine spark is your strength, solace, and sustenance in every troubling situation.

Explore and discover these Secrets of Divine Creativity:

Soul in its awakened state, is a natural survivor. All problems have answers. There may be a better way to handle them. Using our creative talents can help us solve our problems.

Divine Spirit is always working on your behalf. As you go about your day, ideas may whisper to your mind on how to solve problems, and make your life more meaningful. Such ideas are nudges from Spirit. Watch for them.

When things run too well our creativity falls asleep. The problems hit, and we’re jarred from our slumber. Yet, our God-sense tells us things don’t have to be arduous all the time. We can learn techniques to quickly slip into a creative mode.

Join us for a lively discussion where participants will explore and share experiences and insights on how to connect with divine creativity.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

You are also welcome to view or download an e-booklet on the topic at ECK Soul Adventure eBooklets.

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