Online Meetup‘Life after Death’ Discussion | Eckankar In ColoradoOnline Meetup‘Life after Death’ Discussion | Eckankar In Colorado

Online Meetup
‘Life after Death’ Discussion

In the great cycle of birth, life and death, many people are uncertain about what happens after our physical existence ceases.

Is there really such a thing as life after death?
Can we gain experience of this journey of Soul—while still living in the physical world?

Understanding more about our true spiritual nature and our spiritual experiences can provide personal proof of Soul’s eternal nature, and can answer questions as to what lies beyond this life.

Come explore the eternal, divine wonder of you!

Join us for this spiritual discussion to share your own insights, learn from those of others, and try a spiritual exercise or two.

This is the second of a 3-part discussion that digs deeper into the topic each time.  Join us even if you don’t attend the others.

ECK WISDOM on Life After Death‘, is a small booklet which will be referenced at the Meetup; it invites you to explore the internal nature of you!

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Wednesday, Dec 01 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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