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Online Meetup
Finding Your Life’s Purpose

You are Soul – an eternal, unique, divine spark of God.

Let your own unique talents and interests create a pathway of discovery that leads to your highest destiny as Soul!

Explore new ways to think about life, your pursuit of happiness, and your quest to realize your highest potential. Take a Journey of Self-Discovery!

The ‘Finding Your Life’s Purpose’ SEGAMeetup discussion offers inspiration, stories, tips, and spiritual exercises for finding and exploring your ‘Life’s Purpose’.

We welcome you to explore these pages before the Meetup, and look forward to exchanging insights and experiences

View or Download the Free eBooklet (also in French). ECK SOUL ADVENTURE EBOOKLET
Finding Your Life’s Purpose – English
Finding Your Life’s Purpose – French

Find stories, inspiration, techniques and more in this ECK Soul Adventure eBooklet. Go higher, further, deeper on your path of spiritual self-discovery!
Spiritual Adventure Begins Here – Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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