‘Autobiography of a Modern Prophet’Book Discussion – Online | Eckankar In Colorado‘Autobiography of a Modern Prophet’Book Discussion – Online | Eckankar In Colorado

‘Autobiography of a Modern Prophet’
Book Discussion – Online

-This Book Discussion Is Open To The Public-

The ‘Autobiography of a Modern Prophet’ discussion began earlier in 2022 in Loveland and is now open to all. You may join the class at any time.

Discover your own spiritual greatness. “Tucked away in the hidden places of this book are clues as to how you too may reach the glories of God,” says Sri Harold Klemp.

Autobiography of a Modern Prophet is a special compilation of Sri Harold’s three autobiographical books—The Wind of Change, Soul Travelers of the Far Country, and Child in the Wilderness. He spent many hours writing new material, carefully weaving one, continuous story to help others climb the Mountain of God.

Harold Klemp’s inspiring and practical approach to spirituality helps many thousands of people worldwide find greater freedom, wisdom, and love in their lives.

His wisdom and heart-opening stories of everyday people having extraordinary experiences tell of a secret truth at work in your life–there is divine purpose and meaning to every experience you have. Every single moment of your life is the handiwork of a higher cause. And you can know what it is. Hint: God’s love is the key, and spiritual freedom is the goal.

You can purchase his books at your local ECK Center, through many online bookstores like Amazon, or order from the ECK Bookstore.

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Sunday, Jun 25 2023


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