Divine Love in ActionSing HU as an Expression of Love | Eckankar In ColoradoDivine Love in ActionSing HU as an Expression of Love | Eckankar In Colorado

Divine Love in Action
Sing HU as an Expression of Love

Come join us in person and experience the power of Divine Love through singing the HU together as an expression of love!

You are warmly invited to experience HU, an ancient mantra and divine sound that courses through all of life and through every atom of your body. HU is an ancient name for God, a sacred sound and a carrier of love between Soul and God. It has been sung for thousands of years, and in many places, for spiritual unfoldment. It can uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life.

Singing HU acts as a tuning fork, aligning Soul to higher states of love, creativity, healing, and awareness. When sung or chanted with an open heart, it opens the lines of communication to the most sacred part of yourself.

In this event, you will have the opportunity to experience some of the many benefits of singing HU:

  • Inner peace and calm
  • Divine love
  • Expanded awareness
  • Spiritual self-discovery and growth
  • Healing of the heart

We will chant HU for 15 to 20 minutes, have a few minutes of quiet contemplation followed by spiritual conversation with others of like heart.

This event is sponsored by Eckankar and is free of charge.

Find out more about HU at What is HU? | HU is the Sound of Soul | ECKANKAR.

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Sunday, Jun 02 2024


10:30 am - 11:30 am

Event Type

Sound of Soul Event


ECK Temple of Colorado
7100 W. Mississippi Avenue, Lakewood CO 80226

Eckankar In Colorado


Presented by Colorado Satsang Society,
A Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar.



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