MEETUP ONLINE EVENT‘How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams’ | Eckankar In ColoradoMEETUP ONLINE EVENT‘How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams’ | Eckankar In Colorado

‘How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams’

What is the spiritual significance of dreams?
Can my dreams open the line of communication between the higher worlds and my physical self?
Do my dreams reflect what is going on with me?


“One of the ways to begin working out the inner tangles and knots, where the communication lines between the higher worlds and the physical have been twisted, is to work with the dream journal. And as you write, you will find that the tension in your stomach goes away. If the dream journal can help to do this, it’s done something.”

— Excerpt from the ECKANKAR Blog – “How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams“.

During this open discussion, you may learn about dream symbols that are personal and unique to you; creating your own dream dictionary; and interpreting your dreams. Is the dream about my daily life? My emotions and thoughts? Or about my pure spiritual side?

All are welcome to participate in this online spiritual discussion for learning insight from dreams. Seekers can discuss dream experiences; hear others share insights they gained through dream symbols; and keeping a dream journal. Learn how Divine Spirit can speak to us through dreams. All are welcome to share ideas, ask questions or listen while others speak of their own spiritual journey.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

The ECKANKAR Blog titled, “How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams” includes stories from people who have learned how to interpret their dream symbols and tips to interpret dreams. This free publication can be viewed or downloaded from the link listed above.

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