Online Meetup‘Déjà Vu: Have I Been Here Before?’ | Eckankar In ColoradoOnline Meetup‘Déjà Vu: Have I Been Here Before?’ | Eckankar In Colorado

Online Meetup
‘Déjà Vu: Have I Been Here Before?’

– Has a place you have never been felt amazingly familiar?
– Can déjà vu or a dream prepare you for the future?
– How does déjà vu connect to the joy in your life?

“The rule of destiny holds that people at some time will begin to awaken to who and what they are. A knowledge of past lives may also open them by way of dreams or déjà vu. A few catch a glimpse of future events.“

“Déjà vu is the ability to know and see the past and understand the future.”

-Quotes by  Harold Klemp

A sense of déjà vu, a daydream or a night dream can heighten your perceptions and open a portal to a higher state of consciousness. Insights beyond the physical realm can provide an opening to knowledge of the future. Typically, the predictions are not for the country or planet, but insights that can be used in your daily life. A dream or déjà vu experience can allow time to prepare for an otherwise unexpected event. It can prepare one emotionally for an unexpected event. This higher state of awareness provides increased clarity and happiness for one who chooses to take the journey.

You are invited to participate in a discussion with spiritual explorers who are gaining understand their past, present, and future. Learn how to experience life with a higher degree of perception, happiness, and mental clarity.

You will have the opportunity to listen to or chant HU a love song to God. HU is an undirected prayer that can act as a tuning fork and open your consciousness to the message the Holy Spirit has for you. HU is not meant to change your current beliefs but to enhance them.

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.

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