Pagosa Springs- IN PERSON Meetup‘Past Lives, Present Lessons’ | Eckankar In ColoradoPagosa Springs- IN PERSON Meetup‘Past Lives, Present Lessons’ | Eckankar In Colorado

Pagosa Springs- IN PERSON Meetup
‘Past Lives, Present Lessons’

Do you have natural talents and wonder where they came from?
Do you have strong likes, dislikes, or unexplained fears?
Are you especially attracted to certain countries or periods of history?

If you are ready to explore your past and see what lessons it holds for you today, then this discussion is for you.

Harold Klemp says in his book Karma and Reincarnation, “You are Soul, an immortal being created in the timeless worlds. You existed before birth and endure beyond time and space. God made Soul before the worlds of time and space began. Soul comes to earth from the higher spiritual worlds to add to its experiences. It inherits many lifetimes for the chance to learn. And learn it must.

We have all lived before. Your past lives helped you get where you are today. Your job, your family, your virtues, and your shortcomings all have roots in distant landscapes. Unlocking memories and lessons can help you sort through problems and move ahead with confidence.

Please join us for this in-person discussion. People of faiths and beliefs are welcome.

COVID-19 Safety Measures
** Since contracting COVID-19 may still be possible, please take the health steps you consider best. It’s appreciated that by attending you are taking responsibility for your own health.


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Sunday, Feb 13 2022


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association
230 Port Ave, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

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