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A Soul adventure can touch you at the very core of your being. As Soul, you have the God knowledge within you. A Soul adventure awakens you to the love, wisdom, and creativity already within your heart!

Gifts of spiritual growth await you as you enter this new online portal. It is both a personal, spiritual adventure and a connection with the global ECK community!

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“One who is thankful for every good thing will find the richness of heaven in the humblest detail of his spiritual life. The window of gratitude opens to us the heavens of God.”

—Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master

Considering the COVID-19 virus and for everyone’s health and safety, all in-person ECKANKAR events are suspended until further notice.

We invite you to sing HU for strength, wisdom, and inner guidance


Harold Klemp - Spiritual leader of Eckankar

Harold Klemp

The Spiritual Leader of Eckankar

“As Soul—a divine spark of God—you are the eternal dreamer. You are the creator of your own worlds. You gain lessons in life and in your dreams. Each moment is an opportunity to gain trust in the Divine and faith in your own abilities.”
—Harold Klemp

Eckankar always has a living Master, who is given respect but not worship. There are also other ECK spiritual masters. Have you been visited by one of these Spiritual Travelers? Learn more about ECK Masters

Make This Lifetime Count

There is more to life
than what you see.

You are Soul – unique and eternal.

Through the ECK teachings, you can unlock the hidden meaning of your Dreams, learn about your Past Lives, and consciously move beyond your physical body through Soul Travel.
Your life can be a spiritual adventure!

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ECK In-Person Events Suspended

Due to the ongoing world virus concerns, the ECK Temple of Colorado is suspending all ECK Events and Classes until further notice.


ECK In-Person Events Suspended

Due to the ongoing world virus concerns, the Colorado Springs ECK Center is suspending all ECK Events and Classes until further notice.



ECK In-Person Events Suspended

Due to the ongoing world virus concerns, the Loveland ECK Center is suspending all ECK Events and Classes until further notice.



ECK In-Person Events Suspended

Due to the ongoing world virus concerns, the Pueblo Sound of Soul Event is currently suspended until further notice.


HU SONGExperience HU -- The Sound of Soul

Experience HU —The Sound of Soul

Join us in singing HU, a sacred sound that can help you meet life’s challenges. This ancient and once secret name for God has helped people from all backgrounds throughout the ages. Open to the public.

"When you sing HU, the Holy Spirit begins to work in your life. It begins to change the situation with which you are struggling."
Harold Klemp, The Drumbeat of Time, page 119

Check HU Colorado for a "Sound of Soul" event near you!

Sing HU In All You Do!

Get The Benefits Of Singing HU!

HU is an ancient word with immense spiritual power. It is the sound behind all sounds. Singing HU can open your heart, help you find inner peace, expand your awareness, and give you a higher perspective on daily life. Sing HU to become calm and happier.

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Learn about the Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Learn a Spiritual Exercise

Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God. Spiritual Exercises enable you to begin to go out and actively explore the inner worlds of your own being. These exercises are easy and straightforward.

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